Become an Open Source Teacher

April 25, 2015

Become an Open Source Teacher

A few weeks ago, I listened as Sylvia Martinez gave an inspiring keynote about Maker Education. She shared a video clip of Andrew Katz, a boy at a New York Maker Faire, who had invented his own automatic pet feeder.  The boy excitedly shared how his design worked and the interviewer asked, “So are you going to sell your design to Purina?” There was no hesitation. “No,” the boy answered.  “I’m going to put the plans online and share them, to see if other people can use them or improve them.” I’m paraphrasing, and I cannot find the original video, but the message is […]
April 24, 2015

The Future Is Here: Apple Watch Excitement

When I look at the technology that’s happening around us, it’s exciting. One day I know we’ll look back on this time as a turning point in education. Technology is no longer an event, it’s become part of our everyday. Devices are a part of our culture. Around us, even wearable.  While we depend on it, we also know it’s not always the answer.  And we’re able to recognize those times when hands on, tactile learning is what our students need. But, we’re also able to recognize through times when technology becomes a means to transform an environment into something we once couldn’t […]
April 19, 2015

Waves of Understanding

This past Friday, we watched our daughter as she ran into the ocean, embraced the waves, and surfed. Fearless courage. Enjoying the sand, the waves, and wind. Not just enjoying a day at the beach, but we watched her connect with the ocean.  It was almost as if she and the ocean were speaking the same language. They were. Not English, but an unspoken language of understanding.  A connection that we could see in her smile.  A language that I cannot hear because I’m busy looking out for jellyfish, and getting sand off my camera lens, and fretting about the beach towel […]
April 15, 2015

The Maker’s Song

Markers and cardboard, LED’s, tape, and glue, 3d printers and wires, So much to do. Thoughts in your head, like bulbs lit up bright, Inspiring thoughts, become ideas taking flight. Create a design, to make something improve, Bring it to life, With parts that move. Iterate, think, iterate again, keep working, keep trying, the learning is the win. Creating and making isn’t just play, It’s not just a thing to pass the day. It’s making the world a better place, improving our lives as a human race. Creativity waits for the chance to do good, to be heard by the […]