Gifted Education: It’s Not What People Think


Gifted education is not what people think it is.


Gifted learners are not test scores.
They are not perfect.
They are not easier to teach.
They are kids.
With different learning needs.
Who will give up if they are not challenged.
Who rarely get a place in educational laws.
Who sometimes give up and drop out of school.
Who are waiting for change.
Who now sit hoping, wishing, to learn.
To grow. To think.
To climb out of the box.
To change the world.
To get something different.
Not because they are privileged, elite, or want “better.”
But because they want the one thing that every kid, in every school, in the world deserves.
To learn and grow.

  1. Exactly! I don’t know why people have the impression that gifted kids are easier to teach. Teaching them means needing to dig deeper to find ways to challenge them and broadening my knowledge base to keep up with their interests. It means straddling the line between developmentally and emotionally appropriate yet challenging content. It also means reaching the kids that the laws leave behind and many teachers are not adequately prepared to understand.

  2. Thanks for commenting Tracey. I know just as much as gifted kids need more support in the classroom, teachers need more support in meeting their needs. The laws have truly left them behind. I have a feeling, maybe just optimism, that education is about to realize how powerful student driven learning REALLY is and gifted kids are going to get their needs met, more and more often!

  3. I miss your posts! I know I’m not one to speak because I’ve barely posted in 2012! Just wanted to know that I gain inspiration from your blog! Thanks for all you have shared! Hope everything is all right with you!
    Thanks, Nancy

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