I started blogging as a way to reflect and push myself to really think about my teaching.  I haven’t stopped since!  I love collaborating with other educators in my school and in my PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter. They have helped me to grow in ways I hadn’t even considered thanks to their support.  I decided to call my blog Venspired because I am inspired by learning in my classroom every single day.  The number one source of inspiration?  Students.  Our classroom is busy, it requires teamwork, and things never stop moving!

I have been working in education for 11 years.    I have been to Space Camp several times and have a huge passion for space science and teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Math, Arts, Engineering).  I also love decorating my classroom with a new theme each year, and you can take a tour here.   The inquiry based learning and community building I learned in eMINTS professional development has been a huge part of my teaching style.  I strive to make my classroom a place where kids can imagine, create, dream, and explore.  I don’t believe in telling kids what to think, I believe in teaching them HOW to think.

I enjoy creating items with the computer and can remember using PrintShop for the first time in fifth grade to make a greeting card.  Back then, the printers were the dot-matrix kind that go back and forth creating little squares of black, white, and grey.  Now I create everything with Adobe PhotoShop CS5.   I’ve done a little freelance design work, some photography, and just enjoy a good creative hobby.  But, my heart belongs in learning!

~Happy Teaching!~

My very first class, 2001-2002.  It kind of  seems like a million years ago, but also seems like yesterday. :)