Krissy Venosdale

February 26, 2015

The Time and Space We Do Not Allow

Time to play. Time to throw caution to the window and try something new. Time to use duct tape and cardboard to build a prototype. Time to swing from the monkey bars while a friend counts how long you can hang in there. Time to pour sand through a sifter and explore what happens. Time to watch the clouds and see shapes in them. Someone once said to me, many years ago, in the midst of an architecture unit, when kids were designing skyscrapers with cardboard, duct tape, and paint while researching how design impacts strength… “Oh, well, you know, […]
February 25, 2015

Her Words

As we drove home from school, on the crowded highway, zooming in and out of traffic, my daughter said these words to me. I was struck by how easily she thought of them, by how far she has come, and by just how full my heart is with pride for who she is. School hasn’t always been easy for her. The autistic spectrum gives her another view of the world. Not less, just different. I asked her if she minded if I shared her words on a poster, she said, “Sure.”
February 22, 2015

Make School More Than Worksheets

When we think of the billions of dollars that have been spent on test-prep, I cringe.  Not because it was my billions of dollars, but because when I was a kid I remember worksheets.  I also remember how they bored me.  I wanted to create and make things.  Not fill in blanks and look up answers.  I was good at that game, and I made sure I got my A’s for my report card, but it wasn’t fun, engaging, or even about learning. It was about completion and doing stuff to get stuff done. Cardboard. Blank Paper. Mr. Sketch Scented […]
February 21, 2015

Understanding the Magic

My shirt has a label that tells me how to wash it. My lunch had a label that tells me how many calories it contains. But when it comes to children, what do their labels tell us? When my daughter was born, she didn’t have a label. She was an 8 lb. bundle of pure joy with crazy curly hair and toes so long her newborn shoes barely fit. But there were no instructions included and no label to tell us what to do as new parents. Years passed and we knew something was different. Her thinking was unique and […]