Krissy Venosdale

April 15, 2015

The Maker’s Song

Markers and cardboard, LED’s, tape, and glue, 3d printers and wires, So much to do. Thoughts in your head, like bulbs lit up bright, Inspiring thoughts, become ideas taking flight. Create a design, to make something improve, Bring it to life, With parts that move. Iterate, think, iterate again, keep working, keep trying, the learning is the win. Creating and making isn’t just play, It’s not just a thing to pass the day. It’s making the world a better place, improving our lives as a human race. Creativity waits for the chance to do good, to be heard by the […]
April 12, 2015

Why The Maker Movement Matters

I get caught up in things. Informercials. New gadgets. New shades of Sharpie. Every kid I’ve ever taught has said, “You say EVERYTHING is your “favorite thing.” It’s true. Life? It’s my favorite. I grew up, but my internal excitement level has stayed at a five year old’s level. So, I’ll just preface this post with that. I will also say that I’ve held off on writing this. Long enough to figure out if this whole “maker movement” was another “thing I love,” or more. It’s more. So much more. 1.) The Maker Movement is not about acronyms. Life is […]
April 11, 2015

The Danger of Labels

Labels are made to sort things. There are sizes of clothing, types of food, and even prices at garage sales. We use them to create a sense of order for ourselves and the world. But, with kids? I worry about the message behind labels. Because what happens when we constantly remind kids of their label? You’re autistic. You’re gifted. You’re learning disabled. You’re dyslexic. What happens when some of the labels we’d proudly wear on a tshirt because of the misperceptions, and others are met with sympathetic eyes? Some labels are considered a “prize,” while others, “limiting.” For the record, […]
April 9, 2015

A Playlist of Things I Discovered Today

Today I spent the day at the Independent Schools Association Southwest Technology Conference and was lucky enough to hear Sylvia Martinez, co-author of Invent to Learn, as keynote, followed by a day of making, creating, and thinking about my role as Innovation Coordinator.  I think it was the equivalent of a Super Bowl, if I were a pro-football player.    The theme was Maker Movement.  All I keep thinking is… we seriously are IN the most exciting time in education… RIGHT NOW.  This is what learning is made of.  It’s finally happening. Sylvia reminded us, at the close of the keynote, […]