Krissy Venosdale

March 28, 2015

The Mess in the Moment

What a Learning Moment Looks Like In Our Plans:  Organized. Clear. A Goal Attained. Birds Chirping and Breeze Blowing. Like this girl’s selfie with her beagle. Say Cheese. A single moment captured.Easy. Quick. Perfect. Clean.   What a Learning Moment ACTUALLY Looks Like:  Like my attempt to take a selfie with my Weimaraner, Lulu. Say Cheese. Huh? Unexpected. Perspectives change. Plans make shifts, twists, and unexpected turns. Uncomfortable. A Goal Loosely Attained…kind of. I mean, it is a selfie. A mess in the midst. Tangled Leashes and Some Sort of Chaos. But, then… 22 attempts later, I let go. I let go, and something […]
March 27, 2015

The Contagious Cycle of Engery

Passion. It’s that loud voice that sings inside your head and the sound of your heart beating when you are doing work that you love.  It’s the thing that wakes you up at 4 in the morning with an idea that won’t let you get back to sleep.  It’s the crazy feeling that takes over when you get in the middle of something that you forget is a challenge and you just keep going and get through it.  It makes work feel more like play.  Like a five year old swinging and sliding down the slide kind of fun.  It takes […]
March 20, 2015

What’s Your Message?

I believe each of us has a message to the world. It’s not a brand. I’m not a Hershey bar or Nike.   And my message is not chocolate or colorful shoes, although I love both.  I suppose there are days when we believe that message is something that doesn’t make a difference, and on other days, we know our message is one that can change the world. It’s on those days that we make bold moves.  If we’re lucky, the days of being bold outnumber the days where we hold back. I’ve made bold moves before. But, mostly the […]
March 19, 2015

We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For

This video is learning. Pure, simple, wonder. You can see it on her little face. The light in her eyes. The excitement that isn’t just a look on her face, but that moves her. All of her.  Remember the last time you had that kind of learning experience? I hope so.  Because we need that kind of wonder in our schools. Not just from the kids, but from us. Last time I felt that was the day before Spring Break, watching a kindergartener describe “energy” in the Squishy Circuit dough.  I’m pretty sure my face looked just like that little […]