Today I went in to school one more day to finish up my classroom.  It’s starting to feel like a “home.”  Especially the fact that my cabinet has so much stuff in it that when I open the door, it falls out… you didn’t think I was going to post a photo of THAT did you?

So, here it is… Brainstorm!  I wanted to tie science in and starting thinking about weather, and weather had me thinking about thinking.  So, Brainstorm became the idea…

The brain is made of foamcore board, covered with pink tissue paper & glue, covered with 3 shades of pink yarn.  After it was finished, I poked Christmas lights through the back so the brain would be “bright.”  Pun totally intended.  Spray adhesive + yarn = stickiest mess EVER. Just sayin’!



The norms posters I shared a few weeks ago will go in my other classroom, so I had to “Brainstorm-ize” these…


The canvases got fresh paint, paper, ribbon, and buttons. I don’t know that my kitchen table has EVER seen a bigger mess than the one that found itself on the table as I glued, painted, covered, and recovered.

A light up yarn tornado for the corner. It started as cardboard, wrapped in yarn.  Then, it was spraypainted grey. Then it got more yarn.  Then, a little duct tape to curl the cardboard back a bit.  I still wonder if any of the neighbors saw me spraypainting a giant tornado in the front yard. After it was all dry (or damp, because I got impatient) I cut tiny holes with an Xacto knife and pushed the lights through. It’s hanging from the ceiling by two large paperclips-turned-hooks.
Light Up Yarn-ado.


I had these umbrellas hanging last year over the computers.


Easy to make window treatments… I do not enjoy sewing 15 yards of fabric for valances, so this year, I decided to use foam core, tulle, and a little bit of blue paint.

Room View 1I posted a few more photos in a Flickr set.  All of the posters I have hanging and the norms are free to download.

I still have a few more things to hang, a couple of things to print, and some major organizational things to tackle “behind the scenes.”  But, isn’t there always MORE to do?   Next week I will share my other classroom, which is a thinking theme, too… just not a “Brainstorm!” :)

Good luck to everyone who is starting or has just started school this week!

  1. WOW. You showed me up with all the creative elements. I cannot say I have gone this far as of yet. Plus, I do not think we can have lights in our classroom this year! Besides that, though, this is awesome. You’re making me want to build a pop-out rocket model to put up in my classroom now. :) I was expecting all kinds of awesomeness.

    And you still have yet another room to show!


  2. INCREDIBLE!! I am not surprised it looks this amazing—this is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!! Your kids are going to flip :) I’m off to look at the rest of your album. Thank you for sharing these pictures, you are such an inspiration to me.

  3. Absolute best website EvEr! I’m gonna try to R & D (rip off and duplicate) your rocket from last year!!! Love it and thanks for sharing. Have you ever done a cute panda theme?

  4. WOW! This is so impressive! I can’t stop looking at all your beautiful pictures! I love the posters you shared. How did you print them out that large for your classroom? I would love to do the same.

    • I got them printed at Costco. You can send the files online and pick them up in store. It is great because you get them the same day and it is only 5.99 for a 16×20 and 8.99 for a 20×30.
      Thanks so much for commenting,

  5. Thank you so much! I just put up your norms posters in my room and they look amazing! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you’re willing to share your materials!

  6. I keep seeing your tornado image on Google and Pinterest, but just finally tracked it down to your site. What an awesome display you created for your classroom! My 8 year old son has a love affair with science and would love to be a student in your room. Thanks so much for sharing how you went about putting it together; he wants to try to recreate a smaller version for his upcoming STEM Fair project on tornadoes.

  7. I love your ideas. I’m a math science 5th grade teacher and these fit soooo well in my classroom. They’re very cute, but still have that upper elementary edge to them.

  8. Finally, I found a classroom decor I LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing…..I will be using this in my computer lab for higher order thinking skills. Keep sharing, please!

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