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Why Collaboration Matters 1

Why Collaboration Matters

Last year was so hard. Moving, settling in a new city, starting a new position at a new school.  It left my head spinning in a way I’m just now really beginning to understand.  It’s like being in a cloud and searching for familiarity for days on end.  A cloud...

What are YOU going to focus on in 2014? 0

What are YOU going to focus on in 2014?

Last year I started a little Project365, you know, a photo a day to see the good.  We used the hashtag #edugood and many awesome educators made it all the way through the year, one photo a day.  When a couple people started asking, are we doing it again this...

One Month of Good 0

One Month of Good

One month. 31 days. 31 moments.  31 small parts of the day.  The small parts, that when added together become the big parts. Created with a screen shot of my ShutterCal January uploads, text added in Photoshop.  

Edugood? Yep. It’s ALL Good. 0

Edugood? Yep. It’s ALL Good.

So, back at the start of 2013, I started a little project. And people joined in. We’ve been sharing the #edugood in our tweets, on Flickr, and ShutterCal. Whether it’s a fancy camera or a snap from a phone, it’s about the good we see in our days. I expected...