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Why Collaboration Matters

Last year was so hard. Moving, settling in a new city, starting a new position at a new school.  It left my head spinning in a way I’m just now really beginning to understand.  It’s like being in a cloud and searching for familiarity for days on end.  A cloud where you have trouble seeing the light.  Until someone reaches out. Last year I started a little photo project to see the good.  I’ve blogged about it.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it. The cloud was making it hard to see the good. But, then they...


What are YOU going to focus on in 2014?

Last year I started a little Project365, you know, a photo a day to see the good.  We used the hashtag #edugood and many awesome educators made it all the way through the year, one photo a day.  When a couple people started asking, are we doing it again this year?  I felt out of ideas.  But, through the beauty of Twitter, @BuistBunch stepped in, got a Google Doc up and running, and #edugood 2014 is underway. Here’s the January idea list… Be sure to join our Flickr group.   Still have a few questions? More details here: My first...


One Month of Good

One month. 31 days. 31 moments.  31 small parts of the day.  The small parts, that when added together become the big parts. Created with a screen shot of my ShutterCal January uploads, text added in Photoshop.  


Edugood? Yep. It’s ALL Good.

So, back at the start of 2013, I started a little project. And people joined in. We’ve been sharing the #edugood in our tweets, on Flickr, and ShutterCal. Whether it’s a fancy camera or a snap from a phone, it’s about the good we see in our days. I expected to see photos of the good around us. What I didn’t expect was to feel so inspired by what everyone is sharing. We have SO much good in our schools, in our lives, and in each other that taking one brief moment to capture it can remind us what made...