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Filled With Fascination

You know when you were a kid and you saw something…something that took hold of your imagination? Your thoughts. Your ideas.  Your mind wandered.  You had questions. More questions.  You asked, “Why?” to everyone about everything.    Kids can see wonder every place they look.  I see the same when I look through my camera lens.  The world? It’s interesting. Full of patterns.  Brilliant color so striking it makes you smile. Fascinating.  Looking through a lens makes me slow down.  Appreciate the details.  See what’s right there in front of me and zoom in to one small detail.  That detail that...


Ready. Set. GO!

Meet Lucy.  She’s doesn’t know much about teaching gifted education. She hasn’t even started college yet.   The only educational technology she knows about is the one time, in her younger days, when she chewed up my laptop cord. She’s can’t even tweet…yet.   But, tonight she played fetch… with a lemon. Education has been throwing  A LOT of lemons our way lately.   But, we have two choices.  We can be frustrated by the things we cannot change, or we can DO something.  Take action. Complaining about how sour things are gets us nowhere fast.  When the lemons come our way…...


Day 3: Photography in the Classroom

Day 3 of the Creativity Challenge…. my favorite topic! Photography!     I have been participating in The Daily Shoot ( and taking a photo a day for the past couple of years.  The project has been so much fun and even on the busiest of school days and family evenings, I’ve managed to keep up and take a photo.  The project has really got me thinking about photography and it’s benefits in the classroom.  What about those Visual Spacial Learners?  Couldn’t photography motivate, inspire, and engage them?   A single photo can inspire a million thoughts and those thoughts can be...