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A Dose of Pintereality: The Brain

I love Pinterest. But, my life? It doesn’t live up to Pinterest.  Here’s a dose of what I like to call Pintereality. I’ve gotten a few requests asking me how I created this brain for my classroom wall.  The glowing brain you see on Pinterest is a finished product.  The real reality? My hands were covered in adhesive.  My kitchen table stained with spraypaint, and I had to improvise with duct tape and bowls on the back to hang this thing on my wall. After it fell down about 98 times, it finally stayed.  Last summer, I was like, oh,...


Keepin’ It Real

Just a photo to keep it real.  This is my little classroom work space, on a typical day.  You can see my unopened can of soup (top right) that would be lunch if I’d had time to eat it. My car keys (middle) that were tossed on the second I got into the room and will hopefully remain viewable when it’s time to leave at the end of the day, but I can never *quite* guarantee that.  You can see a space book propped up, an awesome Origami sculpture made by a student, a “pack” of markers, using the word...