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Believe In You

A new chapter. Everyday I get emails from people asking how to print posters. Many have struggled with Flickr downloading and the dreaded resizing that occurs when a photo is made to print as 12×18 and you’d rather have an 8×10. I truly enjoy sharing these images and want it to be as easy as possible for you, if you see something that makes you think, something you want your students to think about, or something that brightens a dark day, to print it, hang it, and be reminded that we’re all on this journey of learning together. I’ve researched...


When Being Wrong Is Right

Wrong answer. You’re out. Game over. F. You failed. You do not get a gold star. So many times, being wrong is associated with the endpoint for learning. But why? It’s not really an endpoint. It’s more of a beginning. The path to a new idea, a better thought, and improved way of thinking. When we have a truly collaborative learning environment, we not only embrace each other’s wrong ideas, we embrace our own. The next time someone openly admits, “I was wrong,” maybe we should stop seeing it as a sign of weakness, and realize that admitting your wrong?...