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The Plight of the Innovator

Salmon. We’ve all seen photos of their plight. We’ve heard about how “small percentages” ever make it upstream. Most perish on their journey because they get stuck, starve to death, or get eaten by a ginormous hungry bear.   The salmon that make it? They beat the odds, arriving gaunt, battered,...

We Are Never Alone 2

We Are Never Alone

I don’t remember the moment between when I had a PLN and when I didn’t have a PLN.  But I know that my passion for education, my courage to take risks,  and my abilities to get involved in global projects  grew when that happened.  Most of all? My desire to...

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“Hi, I’m Krissy, and I’m a learner…”

My days are all about learning…. Challenging kids. Creativity. Supporting teachers. Growing together. Pushing ourselves to learn. And? I love it.  There are ten things I’ve learned, been reminded of, or had clarity on recently … especially that I am a learner and that is what drives all else that...