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If You Use The Internet, Then You’ll Love This

IFTTT. It stands for If this, then that. It’s a website at and an app for the iphone.   I’ll admit, the first time I heard about it, I didn’t get.  So, I never used it.  BIG regret.  Today I wanted to have my Instagram photos go to my Flickr account. I love connecting with others through Instagram, but Flickr is my main online photostorage.  I love knowing that all the photos I want to keep are in one spot.  Plus, this would save me from uploading #edugood shots in multiple places. Thanks to the beauty of IFTTT, you...


Making the Most of Flickr

So, you’ve got a Flickr account, now what?  Flickr isn’t just a place to store photos. It’s more than that.  I started using it several years ago as online storage. Now, I find that there’s a growing community on Flickr and it offers many ways to organize and share your photos.   I typically use the web-based version of Flickr and here are a few tips to get you started…. 1.)  Photo Sharing: Did you know you can share the photo via social media with buttons in the Share menu just above your photo?  You can also use the menu...


One Day Til' #Tweet4Edu! Got Questions?

I’ve been seeing some new people on Twitter and it’s great!  I can remember having a ton of questions when I first started and feelng more comfortable just lurking. But, after a few weeks, a few chats, and finding some great people to follow, I realized how great it was and how much I could learn.  Hope to see you at #Tweet4Edu chat tomorrow! Here’s a graphic that shows a few tips for getting started.  Got questions?  Please ask!


Make Your Own Classroom Poster

Yesterday I posted five quote posters that could easily be created in any photo editing program.  Today I’m posting a tutorial on how to make those posters!  As I was making the tutorial, I thought, wouldn’t it be a great project to give students the camera and have them take photos and then create a poster with their favorite inspirational quote?  I would love to do this and have a whole wall of photos that represent students.  I might just do this next year since my “Wall of Robots” has come down this year.  Now, we don’t have PhotoShop in...