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More Than A “Little Bit” Inspired

The Maker Movement makes me happy. To me, it’s the culmination of everything learning is about. And when this little package arrived on our doorstep?  The possibilities of what we could make were endless. I would like to say that this was my project, but my daughter, and 11 year...

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The Sweet Part of Success

Success. It’s something we all hope our kids get a taste of. It’s great to see them celebrate.  We sometimes hope so much that we make success easy for them. We over-guide. We help clear the path to make it happen. Because we love them. We are supposed to be...

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I Was Just a Girl In a Dial Up World

When I think of when I first started teaching, my website was a static page, with way too many .gifs and that annoying midi music that blared out when the page loaded. The page was more of a bulletin board that rarely changed and didn’t contain a lot of photos....