We may not really wear capes, but….

Sometimes, I actually DO wear a cape.

Teaching might be challenging, push you to your creative limits, stretch your emotions, and make you reach for that last drop of energy 7 days of the week, but is there any better job out there?  We get to show up to class and make learning exciting for kids.  We can help them uncover a new passion, explore a current interest, or add a building block to reaching their future dreams.  We have the ability to see growth that would amaze most people.  We get to encourage kids to take risks and try ‘one more time.’  At the end of the day, when we’re our very most exhausted, a tiny note left on our desk from a kid that had fun learning, can put our entire lives into perspective.  We may not wear capes everyday, but we get to be a part of something truly inspiring.  Learning. Kids. The future.
Want the poster?  These are FREE 12×18 posters to download and print from your favorite local photo printer.  Please visit the page on Flickr,  for download instructions.  Don’t see the color you were hoping for? Leave a comment below telling what you love most about teaching. In one week, a random comment number will be selected and you will get a customized Superpower poster with your name, school mascot, or whatever you’d like!

  1. The thing I love the most about teaching is the kids of course! I also just opened a new school this year and it has been awesome! I’d love to win the poster in a tealy turquoisey blue with green to go with our mascot the manatee!

    • Hey Melissa– you were first to respond, so I’ll be happy to make you one! Do you ahve a link to your mascot or can you email it to me? Krissy (at) venspired.com and I’ll create one with turqouise and green! (lime green or dark green?)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. The thing I like most about teaching is being able to glimpse the future. When I see my students move along the continuum towards becoming independent problem solvers I see them as adults working it out. They are going to solve the energy crisis and cure cancer and find a way to end hunger. You are spending your days with the people who are creating the future. What could be better than that?

    Our mascot is a tiger named Striker who promotes “Paws” itive choices. Our school colours are royal blue, white and pink.

    I’m loving your blog. Your classroom is very different from mine, but the core philosophy is the same.

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