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  1. I would love to use some of your great posters for my new gifted classroom. How do I go about getting them? Debbie

  2. Hi, Kissy,
    1st my question – I love the I teach t-shirt- where do I get it ? I can find the image via google image search and lots on Pinterest but there is no t-shirt on
    I wear “I can Explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you” that I got from

    I found you via your weird image (I spoke at NISOD and loved the Keep Austin Weird t-shirts at the airport) tweet.
    I am following you on Twitter – I’m @sumware.

    I could spend hours on your blog/Pinterest… Wonderful …Yes not being afraid of failure is key – Miss Frizzle taught my kids that ” Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.” – Thanks you.

    I have two gifted kids, but both are now college grads (CMU and JHU) …but years ago I was webmaster for and met and for web mastered for
    I am a college prof and present on Active Learn via Adaptive Learning

    • Thanks so much! A friend made those shirts – there aren’t any for sale any longer. I’m so sorry. You are welcome to use the graphic to try to have a local company print. :) Great to meet you here! Thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. Adriana Gutierrez says:

    Hello I have really like your posters. I am a beginning teacher and would love one of your posters on my wall.

    If they are avaliable for free I would love one please send at

    James Elementary
    701 W. 18th St
    Portales Nm 88130
    Attn: Adriana Gutierrez

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