Flickr Poster Set (<2013)


Did you know that you can download any photo poster from my blog for FREE on Flickr? Visit the Poster Set on Flickr.  Select the poster you’d like to save. Or, if you’re browsing my blog and see an image you like, click it and it will take you right to the Flickr page.  Then just follow these steps to save.

1.) Right click the poster.

2.) Choose the resolution size and click it.

3.) Right click and save!

NOTE: When printing poster enlargements, it’s important to pay close attention to the crop ratio.  A 5×7 and a 16×20 are not the same.  Be sure to be careful that you don’t cut text or part of the image off when ordering a print. I’ve done this before and it’s a huge bummer when you pick it up.  

The posters can be used to decorate your classroom, hallway, desk, or even just to put in a little notebook for a day when you need some inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere. You might even find yourself wanting to make your own posters when you start looking around.

If you print a poster, let me know!  I love knowing that something I enjoyed making, someone else enjoyed putting in their classroom.  :)