Because A PLN Is a Gift…

Yes, I talk about Twitter all the time.  I rave about the people I’ve met. I am addicted to edcamps.  I stalk the blogs of people who inspire me.  I read, save, download, bookmark, and retweet what makes me a better educator.  What is it all about? The people who are a part of my PLN, or personal learning network.  I often say the “P” in PLN stands for “Positive.”  One tweet can change your entire perspective, push your thinking, solidify your thoughts, or make you question something you didn’t even realize you needed to question.  For that? I am incredibly grateful.  The PLN is a gift that keeps on giving. It encourages you to give back just as much. It inspires you to do more, be more, and to never stop learning. So, to every person in the world who has become part of mine, I just wish to say “Thank you!”
PLN Tree

  1. I have to agree Krissy! My PLN has had an enormous effect on how I teach, and I have been teaching for 28 years! They have given me the energy to go into work, ready to energize, excite, and engage my students Love my PLN!:)

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Krissy! The awesome people in my PLN have inspired me more than they could ever know. They are the gift that keeps on giving, and I count you as a valuable member. Thanks for your wonderful posts and tweets!

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