How Do They See You?

Learn Everyday.I asked my kids what they think of me, of my class, of my teaching. My questions were simple, including one:  What is learning to your teacher?    One student wrote, “She loves learning because anytime I find out something she didn’t know, she admits it and she seems to celebrate.”  Another, “She’s crazy about learning – like when there is a new learning opportunity like the Vomit Comet or mock election, she always takes it.” As I looked through the pile, I laughed and I thought about how they “get me.”  The references to my rainbow tennis shoes.  To my “space shelf”.  To the way I say everything is “my favorite thing.”  Somewhere in the middle of me getting to know them so well, I’ve let them see who I really am as a person.

I could read a billion negative stories about education in the news. I could look at the list of problems facing our schools.  Things I have no immediate control to change.  Or, I could just try to be the best teacher I can for my kids.  Not the perfect teacher, because that doesn’t exist.  Not an expert, because that’s not what they need.  Just the kind of teacher I hope they see when they look at me.

  1. I love your blog but this post struck a chord with me. I’m a couple of weeks away from returning to a new school year here in Australia and excited to meet my new class. What other questions did you ask. Which, if any, of the questions made you reassess things you do, or change something? Thanks for sharing.

    • Janye,
      Thanks for reading. I really want to develop a feedback form to use in my classroom a few times a year. Today was just a simple half sheet containing three questions “What is learning to your teacher?” “Describe your teacher in three words.” “What should we change about our classroom?” I want a survey that will allow them to give me feedback on my teaching, on their thoughts on our unit we’ve been studying, and help me to meet their needs… I’m still in the thinking stages.
      Definitely things I’d change, one student asked for “more fresh air.” Maybe we need more time outside when the weather is great. I also noticed “having choices” came up a lot in things they’d change. I feel like I already do that, but must not be going about it as much as I’d like. It’s making me reconsider the times we all make the same type of project, could I be more flexible? I think so.
      I’m left wondering, if three little questions could give me this to think about? What about a nice survey that was just a tad longer and with more of the right questions?
      I’d love to hear your ideas, too.
      Thanks for reading,

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