I Would Rather

I Would Rather
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Ever read something and think, yep, that’s it.  A great day in the classroom? It’s busy, chaotic, meaningful, and the kind where you step back and realize that the conversations your students having are all about learning.  Yesterday we had a Mystery Skype, researched election issues, debated topics, Skyped with a class in Wyoming to share our KidVote project, and created jobs for our election project.  It was hectic, it was chaotic, it was real.  Then today I read this tweet by Sean Junkins.   It’s always worth it, especially when it’s real, authentic learning.  Thanks for the reminder, Sean.


  1. How do you set up your mystery Skypes? I really want to do this with my 5th grade class since 5th grade social studies is U.S. History, but I have no idea where to begin to make it authentic and meaningful for both classrooms. Please HELP!

  2. The one I had turned into a banner above my board was:

    ‘Spoon feeding is for babies’

    With appropriate graphics of course! It was amazing what a look towards the banner and back at the student could achieve.

    ‘If you are doing what you did yesterday then you are not planning for tomorrow’ is another one of mine too! The sad thing is I come up with so many.

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