Looking Back: Evolution of a Classroom

When I think back to how my classroom has evolved over the last ten years, so much has changed.  But, many things have remained the same.  From the very first moment I stepped into my classroom I knew one thing… I wanted my students to know that I was excited to have them there, learning together was going to be awesome, and it was our room.  I also have always wanted them to know that I value creativity.  I never set out to create everything from scratch, but every summer it became a fun game of hunting thrift stores, spray painting, re-purposing, creating digital art, and making the classroom space we would share together for the next year something special.   The best classrooms don’t have to be expensive, they just need to come from your heart. A place of learning, where everyone belongs, and where each kid is celebrated.   Truly, that’s not even about the decorations at all. But decorating a classroom?  It’s so much fun. :)

Surf’s Up! {Tour HERE}
Behavior and Calendar board

Jungle Classroom {Tour HERE}
The Reading Hut

Go Retro! {Tour HERE}

Monkey Madness {Tour HERE}
Reading Corner and Flags

Gearing Up! {Tour HERE}

Bright Lights, Big Learning: City Classroom Theme {Tour HERE}
Classroom View Toward Computers

Robot Rally {Tour HERE}
It's raining...it's pouring! (Not really!)


There’s No Place Like Learning! {Tour HERE}
No Place Like Learning!

  1. Krissy, you have some super amazing classrooms. How do you let go of a theme and think of something new for the next year? I loved my Explore theme so much from this year, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let it go for the fall. I will be totally redoing my classroom space for the TWIST program I’m beginning.

    • Thanks, Janelle. Usually around March I start getting really excited about a new theme. What does TWIST stand for? Sounds cool!

      • Teamwork With Innovative Skills and Technology. It’s a PBL program we’re starting. We’ll be integrating science and language arts during a two hour block where we’ll have lots of flexibility. We’re piloting in sixth and eighth grades in the fall with about 65 students in each grade level.

  2. My classroom is in the process of turning into the Aztec empire right now :) My kiddies know that if they don’t create it nothing goes up on the boards – and they do awesome work. They chose to build a full size (almost) Aztec house plus miniature models this year; are making warrior helmets and calendars and mosaics and amazing project books – and they’ve learned so much more than they would if we’d just stuck to worksheets. The classroom is somewhat chaotic with palm branches all over the place and papier mache and paint and glue and just stuff but it looks AMAZING and is a fun place to be :)

  3. I love “dream big!” Could you share how you created it and also, how did you create the fun site? It is awesome!! I wish that I were in your class!

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