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What opportunities are there in your school for students to make things?  Make a robot. Make a circuit. Make a sculpture. Make a mess.  Too often I hear the answer “We don’t have time for ___.”    We need to think about changing the way we spend the time we have.   When we say there is no time to build a robot, we should think about what we’re turning down. Circuits, conduction, melting points of metals, positives, negatives, trouble shooting, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, thinking, science, math, reading.  Interdisciplinary learning. Real learning. The kind where it’s hard and where it means something.  No time for that?  Maybe the thing we need to really be trying to make in schools is more time to make stuff.

Thanks to the Disruptive Department, who’s Pop Up Maker Space at #edcampSTL was a reminder to me that our kids need to create. Not just on special occasions, but every. single. day.  

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Krissy Venosdale

Krissy Venosdale

Forever Learner. Collaborator. Sharpie Collector. Poster Maker. Eternal Optimist. I still wish on stars.

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  1. This is the most inspirational post.

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