Making the Most of Flickr

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January 4, 2013
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January 6, 2013

Making the Most of Flickr

So, you’ve got a Flickr account, now what?  Flickr isn’t just a place to store photos. It’s more than that.  I started using it several years ago as online storage. Now, I find that there’s a growing community on Flickr and it offers many ways to organize and share your photos.   I typically use the web-based version of Flickr and here are a few tips to get you started….

1.)  Photo Sharing: Did you know you can share the photo via social media with buttons in the Share menu just above your photo?  You can also use the menu to copy the HTML code and paste it right into your own blog post.  Flickr let’s you pick a good size to display in your blog.  Medium size it typically a good size for a blog.


2.) Organizing Photos: Did you see the “Actions” menu? Add tags to share your photo with more people searching on Flickr.  Add to a “Set” that you create.  Sets on Flickr are for you to organize your own photos.  I’ve used sets to organize past photos of my classrooms, and placed them in a Collection.  Collections (like Classroom Theme A Palooza) allow you to have as many sets as you want in one place.  


You can also create Sets or Collections from your “Photostream View”.


3.) Using Groups: Did you know you could join groups and add your photos?  Just click “Add to a “Group” that you’ve joined.  you can usually add up to six at a time, although some groups limit the number of photos participants can add per day. “Groups” on Flickr are  social groups where people share photos, comment on each others pictures.  “Groups” is what we’re using for the #Edugood project.   You can search for groups for anything you’re interested in. Flickr practically has a group for everything!



4.) Saving Photos: You can download photos from Flickr!  Right clicking the photo won’t work in this case.  Please check the photos licensing.  Many photos are available under Creative Commons Licensing and you are able to utilize them in the classroom if providing proper credit.  To download, click the little magnifying glass to the top right of the photo.  Then click “All Sizes” to the top right.  Last, pick the size you are interested in saving.  I just added my 200th posters to this set today and all are available for free classroom and personal use. :)



5.) Making Friends: Flickr offers “Contacts” if you’d like to connect with other like-minded photographers.  “Contacts” can be sorted into Friends, Family, or Contacts. Sometimes that can be tricky, what if you become friends with a contact, or what if you happen to be friends AND family.  I stick with Contacts, it’s easier. :)  You can browse your “Contacts” on the app and it feels a bit like Instagram.

6.) Creative Commons: If you’re interested in sharing your photos for others on Flickr, visit the Creative Commons information and a link on the lower right will take you to the page to adjust your options for what works for you. Many people search Flickr by tags for photos to use in their blog posts.  It’s a great place to find stock photos. Just be sure to give proper credit to others. :)

7.) Viewing Options: When you upload a photo, you can choose to keep it private or make it public.  You can also go ahead and add the photo straight to groups, sets, or add any special tags.  This makes it quick and easy to organize your photos as you upload them.


Flickr can just be for online storage, but it offers more.  It can take time to learn the menus and find the best way to do things.  The recent app update was a great one.   I’m still a fan of the web-based version, but for on the go photo uploading and commenting, the app is working just fine.

Happy snapping!

Krissy Venosdale
Krissy Venosdale
Forever Learner. Collaborator. Sharpie Collector. Poster Maker. Eternal Optimist. I still wish on stars.


  1. Heather says:

    Krissy–thanks for this. I don’t have a flickr acct, but I might give it a try now! Off topic question–people from the #educare photo project have friended me and I’ve received email notification, but they don’t show up on my friends list. Do you know anything in your infinite technological wisdom about how to troubleshoot it? I hate to bother you–no worries if you don’t but I thought I would ask! Also–loving the photo a day. Loving.

  2. Heather says:

    I figured it out–sorry to bug you!

  3. Nice list, Krissy! I also have a Flickr badge on my blog and love to check out my Flickr Stats, especially “All time.”

  4. Courtney says:

    Hi Krissy!

    I am a fifth grade elementary teacher and am changing my classroom theme to robots and gears for this upcoming school year. I came across some of your photos on Flickr and absolutely LOVE your ideas. I was wondering if you have the storage bin signs available to purchase a download or something. I went back onto Flickr to message you but it is telling me the site is down. I would love to use those to organize my bins like you did. You are so creative and well organized!


  5. Hi, yeah this article is truly nice and I have learned lot of
    things from it concerning blogging. thanks.

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