Learning Because the Gates Are Wide Open

To-Do List

You need to read this. I said to.  Do this first. Follow this pattern. This is the way to do it.  Here is the right way.   Sit still. Complete the front side. Number your paper.  Do as I say. Raise your hand before speaking. Put your name at the top. I give this a 95%.  Follow the classroom rules.  Be engaged.  Keep your eyes on your page. Choose A, B, or C.  I talk, you learn. You’re following my lesson plan. My classroom.

Little words. Tiny phrases.  Together? They create fences that keep our kids in one safe spot where learning and exploring become all about what we say to do.  Fences that keep kids from learning.

What do you think?  How will this work?  What way would work best? Where would you like to work?  How does this show me what you have learned? I’m listening.  We learn together. Our learning environment.

Little words. Tiny phrases. Simple body language.  Together?  They open the gates to the world. Real problems. Authentic learning. Thinking. A place where learning becomes about the students and their thinking and engagement happens, even when the gates are wide open.  No, it happens because the gates are wide open.

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Krissy Venosdale

Krissy Venosdale

Forever Learner. Collaborator. Sharpie Collector. Poster Maker. Eternal Optimist. I still wish on stars.

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