Outside the Box

The biggest irony in education is that we give kids ginormous standardized tests that say “Keep your answer inside the box.” and “Fill in the bubble and erase any stray marks.” And we focus on those tests. A lot.  But, real learning? It’s about stray marks. It’s about coloring outside the lines. Outside the box. The box is just some place we try to put all kids, in neat little rows, where everything has a simple definition and the numbers all line up.  But learning? It’s just not simple. The problems we’ll face in the future? We don’t even know what those might be.  But, they have one thing in common with the ones we face today. They’ll have nothing to do with bubbles and everything to do with thinking, creating, innovating, dreaming, and problem solving.  Those are skills that don’t just happen.  They require practice.  The kind of practice that happens outside the box.
The Box

  1. Ashley Showles says:

    My name is Ashley Showles. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Through this class I have learned about your blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your blog posts because they are so creative and inspiring. I completely agree with your post. So much focus is placed on testing and scores, but students cannot learn everything through standardized tests. As a future educator, I hope to teach my students to problem solve and think outside the box.

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