Deeper Learning with iStopMotion

April 7, 2015

Deeper Learning with iStopMotion

iStopMotion is one of those great apps. You know, the kind that are soooo easy to use, yet offer so many possibilities for learning and collaboration? Best of all? It involves hands on creativity to design the movie set and characters. It’s great because it has an overlay, as in the purple clay man show below, so students can see where the object was last placed.  It really helps students to know where to begin again with their object.  The trick is to keep your iPad stable and set up a background using file folders stapled together or papers attached […]
April 6, 2015

Uncomfortable, But Worth It

I know it didn’t happen my first day of teaching. It probably didn’t even happen my second year of teaching. But somewhere in the journey, I realized that truly teaching was only possible if I was a learner, too. I let my guard down. I openly admitted when I didn’t know, and even better, I admitted when they knew more than me. I became okay with not knowing all the answers. I focused more on chasing powerful questions instead of creating perfect lessons with perfectly predictable outcomes.   It still drives me crazy when things don’t work out or when […]
April 5, 2015

Ready? Set. Make!

Create. Collaborate. Iterate. Dream. Reflect. Design. Take risks. It’s the stuff learning is made of.  Not the kind you find in a textbook or in testing practice. The kind you find in the world.  The kind that grabs a hold of your interests, ignites your passions, and launches you into a space where there are possibilities.  The kind that is messy and tangled and amazing.   We all need to be reminded of what true, authentic learning really is.  Deeper than standards, into a space where connections are made with each other and with the world.  Let’s make that happen. […]
April 4, 2015

Because we need to show them how to share…

As educators, we pour our hearts and souls into helping students thrive, into encouraging them to find their passions, into providing tools that will enable them to leave our classrooms and schools and be whatever it is that they wish to be. We also have an enormous responsibility to help them navigate the uncharted waters of the digital world. So if we have an opportunity to model it and be the kind of digital citizen we wish for our students, then I know that’s a chance we will all take. When I create something to share, it’s not just a […]