Wired for Struggle

February 18, 2015

Wired for Struggle

Irony. Struggling to find the words to explain how much I love this quote. And reading it just reminded me of this wildflower photo I took last year on a random summer afternoon. This flower? It was along side a tan brick wall at a gas station, growing in the midst of ugly cracked pavement. I think it struggled just to be there. But wildflowers don’t wait for invitations, make apologies for their struggles, or hide their colors. They just grow.  Out loud. With a quiet strength. Struggling upward. Relentlessly. Because it’s their message to the world.
February 17, 2015

Categorically Speaking

I’ve freshened up the blog a little. I needed to clean things up. I mean, after several years, revolving passions, interests, and stuff. And my general category of “learning” had over 750 blog posts. Isn’t everything learning? So, I broke down every thing that is important to me. You know, the things that keep me awake in the middle of the night. The things that I can’t stop reading about, learning about, or thinking about. Imagine: Reimagine learning that’s right for all kids. Challenge gifted learners, support struggles. Imagine PD that’s better for teachers.  Imagine the kind of support that […]
February 16, 2015

Six Google Tools I Can’t Live Without

It’s always fun to find out what other people use as their “go to” tech tools.  That app you can’t live without?  That website you have bookmarked?  The best way to learn new tools is to ask other people what their favorites are.  I’m not saying these will be your favorites… but they were good enough when I gave them a try that I just keep on using them. Chrome Bookmarks Bar:  If you use Chrome, be sure to click “Bookmarks” and “Turn Bookmarks Bar On.” You can drag any address to this bar and create quick links.  I love […]
February 12, 2015

Make Hope

If we don’t see the value in play, we’re missing the point of learning.  If we don’t believe that a four year old’s experimentation with sand box sifters and water has value, we’ve lost our way.  If we think that young children should sit still, for hours, prepping for exams to raise points on a government test, we’ve sold our souls to the test-makers. Or, we can stop. We can open the doors and roll in the duct tape. The robots. The circuits. The wires. The parts. The glue. The cardboard. We can make a mess.  We can make exploration paramout. […]