The Children Left Behind

March 12, 2015

The Children Left Behind

I see a big divide in education. I’ve felt it at conferences. The entire field of education is taking off. Making, building, dreaming, designing. There is one area that is missing out. Gifted education. A field that saved me as a child and became my passion in my early teaching career. The minute I started studying gifted ed, I knew that the differentiation, the social and emotional learning, the creativity… it was about REAL learning… the kind that we can create space for in schools where challenge happens at all levels. And I’ve also always known that technology is a […]
March 10, 2015

Light Up Their World

**Disclaimer: This post may contain an embarrassing amount of “light” puns. You’ve been warned. I can’t help myself. Looking for a bright idea for that brings STEAM alive in your classroom? I’ve been exploring with Squishy Circuits and suddenly learning about electric currents, cause and effect, circuits, collaboration, experimentation, forming hypothesis… all the good stuff that STEAM is made of.  And best of all? It’s creative.  Make something that lights up. Make something that moves.  Make something that makes sound. When I was a kid labeling a diagram of a circuit, nobody ever got out the play-dough.  That’s probably why I don’t […]
March 9, 2015

The Things We See

Do you see an ipad? Or do you see a device that becomes a tool in the collaboration of two students creating a movie together? Do you see a laptop? Or do you see a powerful tool that allows a student with writing struggles to use dictation to do their work and build their confidence? Do you see Google Docs as a place to store stuff or do you see a place where the power of collaboration, across the room, and around the world can become the driving force behind an authentic project? Do you see social media as dangerous […]
March 7, 2015

Eviction Notice: The Perfectionist VS The Innovator

There are two worlds inside my head that can no longer co-exist.  One of them is The Perfectionist.  Everything has to be right, above and beyond, on the first try.  Not because someone else expects it, but because I demand it of myself.  It’s an evil world that robs you of sleep, creativity, and joy.  I think I’ve grown up thinking it was the perfectionist inside my head that allowed me to get that 4.0, achieve that goal, find that new and better way to do something.  I’ve been wrong my whole life. And being that wrong? It turns out […]