Thank You!

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January 6, 2013
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January 6, 2013
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Thank You!

If you’re reading this, I just wanted to say ‘Thank You.”  I know I write often about my love of my PLN, but I’m just incredibly grateful.  It is YOU ALL who inspire me.    As a thank you, I’ve created some new banners from some poster favorites that are the most downloaded ones in my Flickr set.   Wanna spruce up your Facebook timeline?  Maybe add a little color to a blog banner?  You are welcome to use these graphics to share your love of teaching and learning with the world.









 Just right click to download. :)

Krissy Venosdale
Krissy Venosdale
Forever Learner. Collaborator. Sharpie Collector. Poster Maker. Eternal Optimist. I still wish on stars.


  1. Thanks. I think I will use one on my FB timeline…

  2. Michael Buist says:

    Krissy thanks for doing this. I’ve used three of your banners.

    KGA Team 5th Grade on Facebook (
    Knox Gifted Academy on Facebook (
    Michael Buist Google+ (

  3. Hi Krissy

    Thank you so much for these. They are going to make a big difference on my fb page and I think I may even print one of them out for my classroom.
    Much appreciated!


  4. Celina says:

    Woohoo! I love the BELIEVE one!! Thank you :)


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